Benner’s Stages of Clinical Competence and Deficit

Benner’s stages of clinical competence can be considered a fairly efficient tool for determining one’s current stage of development. Furthermore, the framework may serve as a means of encouraging one to engage in further professional growth. Out of the five stages, I believe that I am currently at the Proficient one. Particularly, I tend to view nursing situations as a whole and approach them from a multidisciplinary perspective.

As a result, the strategies for meeting the patients’ needs in the most efficient manner possible can be identified. That being said, there is still a lot of room for improvement for me. I need to build a strategy that will help me differentiate faster between the diagnoses that are obviously wrong and the ones that may be possibly correct. Furthermore, I believe that I need to engage in the more active acquisition of the relevant knowledge and skills (Masters, 2014).

Benner’s idea of deficit of consistent learning strategies for nurses

Benner pointed to the fact that there was a need to introduce a classification for the levels of nurses’ proficiency. Thus, nurses would be able to determine the direction in which they would have to develop so that they could deliver the services of the finest quality to the target population. Therefore, Benner made it clear that there was a significant deficit of consistent learning strategies for nurses. As a result, the approach that Benner designed created the foundation for nurses’ further education and active acquisition of the relevant knowledge and skills. As a result, the premises for a significant improvement in the quality of the nursing services were established. The model that Benner designed, therefore, can be viewed as the tool for promoting lifelong learning among nurses (Peate, Wild, ‎& Nair, 2014).


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