Diabetes Among Hispanics in Miami: Risk Factors

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Diabetes is one of the most serious health-related threats in the world as well as the USA. Almost 10% of Americans had diabetes in 2007, and twice more had pre-diabetes conditions (The state of diabetes, 2010). Hispanics are more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes type 2 (Tavernise, 2015). It has been estimated that 65% of Hispanics are likely to develop this disorder (Hispanic health care realities, 2015). The major factors affecting the vulnerability of this group to the disorder are eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle, which are the product of the culture.

Risk Factors

Hispanics have rather specific eating habits. Although the traditional Hispanic diet is healthy as it includes fruit, beans, fish, and corn, modern Hispanics tend to choose junk food and fast food (Obesity affecting U.S. Hispanic kids, 2006). This leads to an increase in obese children and adults in this population. As has been mentioned above, culture plays an essential role in forming such habits. For instance, it is believed that chubby children are healthy and cute. This perception is also applicable to adults.

Another factor that has a significant impact is a sedentary lifestyle. Hannan et al. (2015) state that over 32% of participants in their research chose such recreation activity as watching TV, another 32% chose video games while only 14% reported about leisure walking. Merchant et al. (2015) also stress that Hispanics tend to have sedentary lifestyles and note that this lifestyle is often associated with the household income and employment.


In conclusion, it is necessary to note that Hispanics are more likely to develop diabetes due to their eating habits and sedentary life, which are determined culturally.

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