Explain which aspects of the CFI were the most helpful in learning about your partner’s personal view of the problem and situation

Social workers need to be able to identify cultural conceptions of illness and mental illness. Because studies show that anxiety and depression differ from culture to culture and within cultures, it is important to build skill using the Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI) to elicit how an individual has actually incorporated their cultural beliefs. While the core interview is a set of 16 questions, more detailed versions expand on each area. In this Assignment, you sensitively apply the CFI to your case collaboration partner as well as research how to address and individualize anxiety resources for your partner’s culture and needs.

To prepare:

Read the Diaz (2017) article (ATTACHED) and take note of their experience using the CFI and the advantages they found in the process. Also note the minority stress concerns that arise in those working with anxiety issues in different cultures.

Review the CFI questions (ATTACHED) and readings in the DSM-5 *ATTACHED) on cultural variations, syndromes, and idioms.

Meet your collaboration partner and take turns administering the CFI questions (and any needed subsections) to each other. Your partner will role-play an anxiety issue but otherwise be as true to their own situation as possible.

Observe how the CFI administration process goes and take any notes needed. Based on what you learn about your partner’s needs and culture, you may need to do further research in the suggested readings and library before submitting your Assignment.

Submit a 4-page paper in which you do the following:

1. Describe the skills or techniques you used to engage your partner during the CFI.

2. Explain which aspects of the CFI were the most helpful in learning about your partner’s personal view of the problem and situation.

3. Identify which relevant subsections of the CFI you used. Explain why you did (or did not) use a subsection as part of your assessment.

4. Analyze how you, as a social work treatment provider, might adjust interventions for the client, their individualized circumstances, and culture of origin.

5. Describe culturally appropriate evidence-based treatment recommendations for intervention. Support these recommendations with evidence from scholarly resources.

6. Recommend a specific evidence-based measurement instrument to validate the diagnosis and assess outcomes of treatment. Explain any cultural considerations you made when determining an appropriate instrument.

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