flat and hierarchical organizations

Lab Assessment 2 – ISOL 631 – Operations Security
University of the Cumberlands
Dr. Charles DeSassure


1. Answer each question thoroughly.

2. Include your full name as a header.

3. Do not copy and paste information from the Internet, you will receive a zero for this assignment.

4. You may research information from the Internet and rewrite it in your own words (acceptable).

5. Do not copy another student work. The University of the Cumberlands has a strict policy relating to cheating. Think before you act!

6. Provide your answers as outlined below. Each answer should be on a separate page.

7. Assessment: 25 pts per question. Please research and explain your answers. Do not type one or two sentences and expect to receive full credit. And please do not include meaningless words.

8. After you have answered each question, submit in MS Word document format.

In this lab, you identified human nature and behaviors in hierarchical and flat organizations, you found ways to ensure employees overcome apathy related to security awareness, you identified how security policies shape organizational behaviors and culture, you compared hierarchical and flat organizational structures, and you created an organizational policy implementation plan for a combined organizational structure.

1. What are the differences between flat and hierarchical organizations?

2. What is difficult about policy implementation in a flat organization?

3. What is difficult about policy implementation in a hierarchical organization?

4. How do you overcome employee apathy toward policy compliance?

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