Global Giving as a Non-for-Profit Organization

Non-for-profit organizations provide ample opportunities for addressing the needs of vulnerable populations, which is why these organizations should be encouraged and supported. Global Giving is one of such companies, it focuses on enhancing collaboration between other non-for-profit entities increasing the extent to which non-for-profit organizations can help people (Global Giving, n.d.). Since Global Giving positions itself as the entity that helps other non-for-profit organizations to build connections and cooperate, the number of successful collaborations can be regarded as its key performance metrics.

Determining the metrics that can be used to evaluate the performance of a non-for-profit organization is quite difficult since obtaining financial assets is only a tool for charity companies to reach their ultimate goal (Finkler, ‎Smith, ‎& Calabrese, 2018). Assisting people that are trapped in a desperate situation or belong to a vulnerable group that requires help is the key goal of a non-for-profit company. However, determining the success of its programs and strategies is difficult since one cannot measure the extent of the provided help.

Changes in the incomes of vulnerable communities cannot be seen as the trustworthy metrics, and neither can the number of people whose needs have ben addressed. The necessity to provide assistance to the specified population and the lack of consistency in their well-being are the key reasons for the specified metrics to fail, Therefore, the characteristics such as the rates of accountability and transparency should be considered as reliable metrics (MacAskill, 2015).

Measuring the specified phenomena will require a detailed analysis of the organization’s financial history. Details about its use of its corporate resources, the list of charities that it has assisted, and other relevant data will need to be checked in order to prove that Global Giving’s performance contributes to the target cause.


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