Hist/ English


The purpose of this assignment is to practice writing an outline for an essay. Outlines are necessary for crafting a well organized paper. You will NOT be writing an actual essay! Rather, all your information will be put into an outline format. The outline MAY NOT be written in full sentences/paragraphs!

Link to document –> http://www.digitalhistory.uh.edu/disp_textbook.cfm?smtID=3&psid=709

In an outline format, you will analyze the above document, “New Directions in Government Policy,” by the Board of Indian Commissioners. (NOTE: the annotation is NOT part of the document, it simply provides a bit of background on the doc. Your paper should NOT be about the annotation.)

First is YOUR THESIS on the importance and significance of this document. It could be about how the US government treated Native Americans, or about paternalism toward Native Americans, or types of injustice and exploitation of Native Americans, or any of a dozen other points. Why do you think this is an important historical document? What do we learn about life in the US at the time it was written?

Second, identify at least three points from the document itself that support and illustrate your thesis. For each point, express the point in your own words, discuss why it is relevant to your thesis, and give evidence from the doc to illustrate why this point supports your thesis. This evidence CANNOT be in the form of a quote, but must be your summary of a story, fact, or statistic from the doc.

Finally, outline a conclusion that restates how the points support your thesis about what we learn from this doc.

See attachment for specific guidelines for your outline.


  • Header info with name block and title – 5 pts
  • Outline format – 15 pts
  • Thesis – 20 pts
  • Three supporting points – 40 pts
  • Conclusion – 10 pts
  • outlinetemplate.docx

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