• Attached is a file on writing a short
    research paper. Just read and follow the directions. This assignment
    will be due November 5, 2013 at 11:59 pm. When you are complete, attach
    to this link. This way there is a record of your submission. Also only
    four pages. Page 1-Title page, Page 2-3 Body, Page 4- Bibliography.
Document Preview:

IDFM 151 History of Architecture and Interior Design

Research Paper

Topic: Select a building that has been discussed that is pre-Romanesque. In comparison to the ancient building, select a modern building used for a similar purpose and discuss the similarities of use and design. Analyze how people would use and interact within the space. I will help you select a modern building if you have trouble.

Final Paper Due:

Late Policy: One point per day will be docked for late final papers. Those who do not turn-in a proposal will be docked three points off the final paper grade. If a rough draft is not turned-in, then one letter grade will be deducted from the final paper grade. If only an outline is turned-in, then 10 points will be deducted from the final grade paper. If the first draft receives an “A” grade, then the student has the option of not turning-in a final draft.

Paper Organization:

Length of paper: 4 pages. Paper must be typed and double-spaced. Illustrations should be included to supplement the text. Last page is only bibliography.

For ease of understanding, the paper should be organized under the following subtitles:
• Title page,
• Introduction
• Thesis statement
• Body
• Conclusion. (See Below)

Title Page (Title, Your Name Class, Date)
Acceptable Title: Building Structure Comparison’s Between the Works of Mies van der Rohe and Louis Kahn. (Sufficient Detail and Focus)
Unacceptable Title: Le Corbusier and Adolf Loos (Too Broad)

Introduction: A brief background of your topic that introduces your thesis statement.

Thesis Statement: The main point of your paper. Like the title, the thesis statement should narrowly focus and briefly state the essential points or central argument of the paper. Additionally, the thesis statement should be assertively stated.
Acceptable Thesis: The development of the American high-rise was influenced by the high price of city lots, the invention of the elevator, the abundance…


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