holistic investigations

After completing the required reading complete a 3-5 page paper where you choose one of the case studies outlined in reading assignment #3. Give an overview of the case study, analyze the approach and outcome, and then give your own thoughts regarding the initiative/operation. Be sure to include an introduction, body, and conclusion. Use APA format, 12-font, New Times Roman –include in-text citations and a reference page. Feel free to do your own research and cite outside sources.Attachment preview

Through the Targeting Violent Crime Initiative, the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA),
Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, has identified numerous law
enforcement agencies throughout the United States that have experienced tremendous success in combating complex crime problems plaguing their communities. A cornerstone of these agencies? efforts appears to be the incorporation of intelligence-led policing, along with other
initiatives, to address their crime problems.
To better understand the role of ILP in these successes, BJA requested a study of selected programs that represent a broad spectrum of agencies that are geographically diverse and varied
in agency size and available resources. The purpose of the study was to identify commonalities, challenges, and best practices that may be replicated in other jurisdictions.
The study was composed of case studies of selected agencies and involved delving into the nature and scope of the crime problems targeted, examining institutional changes made to address those crime problems, and identifying ongoing or newly implemented complementary
efforts. Many, but not all, agencies selected for the study were grantees of the BJA Targeting Violent Crime Initiative.
A protocol was developed to collect program information, and a team visited ten agencies
to review data and policies and conduct interviews. Although the agencies exhibited differing operational practices and organizational styles, it quickly became apparent that they shared certain commonalities that were critical to their success. These include:
? Command commitment
? Problem clarity
? Active collaboration
? Effective intelligence
? Information sharing
? Clearly defined goals
? Results-oriented tactics and strategies
? Holistic investigations
? Officer accountability
? Continuous assessment
The case studies in this report validate the fact that implementing ILP substantially
enhanced the ability of these high-performing agencies to achieve success. ILP was
implemented in varying degrees within these agencies and was often complemented by other policing practices, such as community policing, problem solving, and CompStat based on robust data collection and analysis.

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