Marketing and Product Design: A Rocky Love Affair

The article under the investigation is called Marketing and Product Design: A Rocky Love Affair and written by Jan Landwehr and Andreas Herman. The paper delves into the major concerns of product design and its role in the modern marketing environment. The authors cogitate about the significant growth of the importance of design and the overwhelming impact it has on the evolution of market relations and the promotion of a certain product or brand.

Landwehr and Herman state that even though the design is a relatively new phenomenon, it has managed to introduce significant alterations into the functioning of all companies (9). Additionally, the reconsideration of the approach to design gave rise to such an issue as branding, which became one of the major success drivers (Landwehr and Herman 9). For these reasons, the paper revolves around the topical shifts of priorities and the main strategies used to foster the emotional attachment to a certain brand.

The choice of the given topic is not accidental. The authors highlight the fact that the relevance of their research is evidenced by the blistering rise of the organizations which devote great attention to design and branding. The last several decades could be characterized by the increase in the revenues of Apple, Procter & Gamble, etc. In this regard, it is possible to associate the product design and marketing success. The investigation of the major concerns of the attractive brands creation becomes crucial in terms of the modern market environment. Realizing this fact, the authors provide a precise investigation of the main factors that impact the process of design and branding. Additionally, the importance of customer satisfaction and its direct correlation with branding also determines the choice of the investigated issue.

Performing the analysis of the paper, the most important assumptions should be admitted. First, Landwehr and Herman suggest the idea that the significant shift in emphasis towards design could be admitted (10). This assumption is supported by numerous real-life examples. For this reason, the authors highlight the mutual dependence between the product design and the success of any company. The recognition of this idea introduced the need for qualified designers and the reorganization of the functioning of several companies. Moreover, the paper also provides information about customer satisfaction and the way product design might impact it.

Landwehr and Herman are sure that to be successful any product should trigger positive emotions among customers and provide them the possibility for self-realization (11). Finally, there is the list of the most important marketing factors that should be taken into account while creating a certain strategy or design to guarantee a stable level of interest towards a product and its general success.

Nevertheless, one realizes the fact that it is not the first paper devoted to the investigation of the importance of design and the modern market environment. The last significant changes in the structure of society and the main strategies used to attract peoples attention gave rise to several concerns. These are related to such issues as branding, marketing strategies, customer interest, etc. In these regards, it becomes vital to reconsider some strategies to attain success. Several authors seek to determine the major issues and provide their vision of the possible steps to be able to respond to new conditions. For this reason, the paper could be related to several other readings devoted to the investigation of the modern market, management, and branding. However, it still presents some important and credible information needed for a better understanding of the question.

Besides, having conducted their investigation of the issue, the authors suggest their concept of design and the ideas for possible implications. Landwehr and Herman are sure that “companies that offer excellent products within a strong brand and match them with a fitting and the aesthetically excellent design will be the most successful”. (15). This assumption rests on several real-life examples and investigation of the most significant tendencies of the modern market.

Yet, the authors also highlight the necessity of the improvement of the competence related to the given issue and creation of the design-based approach to the promotion and development of a certain product. Only under these conditions, it is possible to attain success and guarantee stable incomes. Finally, the authors recommend improving the comprehension of the concept of the rational customer to be able to meet his/her requirements.

In conclusion, the paper could be considered a credible source related to the major concerns of modern marketing and branding strategies. Landwehr and Herman manage to prove the importance of design and the impact it has on the promotion of a certain product. Additionally, the usage of several figures contributes to the better understating of the main ideas of the paper. Furthermore, the authors assumptions are proved by several real-life examples which increase the practical utility of the paper and condition its usage in further investigations of the main concepts and strategies of modern management.

Works Cited

Landwehr, Jan and Andreas Herrmann. “Marketing and Product Design: A Rocky Love Affair.” Marketing and Design. 7.2 (2015):9-15. Web.

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