Maternal Role-Attainment and Nursing Meta-Paradigm

Maternal Role-Attainment Theory and Parent-Child Interaction Model

The Maternal Role-Attainment theory identifies the meta-paradigm of nursing as interactional and developmental procedures, attaching a mother to her infant (Masters, 2015). The key purpose of this theory is to ensure that a mother acquired the necessary skills and competence of caring for her infant as well as gratification and pleasure in doing so. The Parent-Child Interaction Model proposes the early assessment of relationships between newborns and their mothers and the subsequent intervention, focusing on developmental and behavioral potential (Masters, 2015). According to this model, the close interaction of a caregiver, a mother, and her infant composes the meta-paradigm of maternal nursing. On the contrary to the first theory, this model pays attention to the environmental factors, including socio-economic and physical ones. Therefore, it is possible to suggest that the case of Ms. Montayer requires its application. Considering that she is currently in post-partum depression while her husband cannot help her, the role of an advanced nurse is to alleviate distress, being responsive and sensitive. At this point, the interaction between the mentioned actors is to be based on openness and dependence.

Factors Affecting Maternal Role Identity, Parent-Child Relationships, and so on

The strong maternal identity is a result of a range of factors. In particular, Ms. Montayer’s identity can be affected by family conditions. The fact that her family is limited and her husband is on military outside the country makes her the only caregiver for her child that may create a sense of depletion or helplessness. In addition, a lack of social support may also impact negatively. The lack of an appropriate environment is one more gap to be eliminated in the course of maternal role identity becoming. As a result, the parent-child relationships may suffer because of the complicated conditions the mother encounters. The attachment of an infant to his or her mother is one of the most important aspects of the establishment of close relationships and their future development (Alligood & Tomey, 2014). Since the mother feels depression and anxiety, she could be unable to interact with her infant adequately, considering him or her as one more complication. It could be rather difficult to reach harmony and pleasure time with the infant while worrying about husband and survival. The reaction of the infant, his or her temperament and cues as well as health may also affect the parent-child relationships.

In this context, the microsystem is presented by the current social and physical environment that plays a paramount role in a woman’s maternal identity establishment (Alligood & Tomey, 2014). The macrosystem includes a larger environment that is composed of social, health, and public policies. The mentioned system is also important as it identifies levels of social support and other assistance. On the level of the ecosystem, there are the interactions between the mother and the infant along with those of all the other systems. The combination of these systems defines both the mother’s identity and the infant’s development.

The role of the advanced practice nurse is to help in establishing appropriate interaction between the newborn and the mother. It is necessary to clearly explain the role of the mentioned factors to the mother, show her how to care for the infant, help to recognize his or her temperament and cues and assess any other developmental and interactional signs (Alligood & Tomey, 2014). Also, a nurse is expected to assist the mother to handle stress and focus on her infant, interacting with him or her in a loving manner that is likely to help her achieve harmony with herself, the infant, and the outside world.


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