The Doctor of Nursing Practice: Reasons for Studying

Table of Contents

Statement of Purpose

The idea of continuous learning empowers nurses to acquire advanced skills and apply them in clinical settings to meet their patients’ health needs. There are various programs that BSN-prepared professionals can pursue to become certified nurse practitioners (NPs). The common ones include the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). This personal statement of purpose describes why I am planning to complete the DNP program.

Reasons for Studying DNP

The DNP remains one of the terminal degrees required in the field of nursing. This program meets the needs of practitioners who are planning to work directly with patients or guide their colleagues to offer exemplary services. The first reason why I want to pursue the DNP program is that it will equip me with evidence-based skills and ideas for improving my patients’ health experiences.

The second one is that I will acquire superior leadership competencies and attributes to lead teams, make appropriate decisions, solve emerging problems, and transform my unit’s care delivery systems. The third reason for selecting this course is that it will direct me to identify evidence-based ideas that practitioners should apply to promote quality improvement. I will follow such attributes to solve complex clinical challenges, develop superior strategies that can transform nursing practice, and eventually achieve my professional goals.

Desired Focus and Areas of Interest

The DNP program is designed in such a way that it focuses on various areas that can transform the quality of medical services available to more people. I will focus on enhanced knowledge that can guide me to transform my patients’ health outcomes using appropriate nursing practices and care delivery procedures. This means I will strive to acquire new concepts in the field that can make a difference for many people.

Some of them will include multidisciplinary teams, evidence-based practice, cultural competence, holistic care, and patient-centered care. I will combine my current philosophy with the acquired concepts in an attempt to become a skilled provider of high-quality care.

There are specific areas of interest for practice in the DNP program that learners should take seriously. I am planning to focus on these two areas: quality improvement and leadership. The first one is essential since it will make it easier for me to use various change theories, clinical guidelines, and emerging knowledge effectively to continuously improve the quality of health services. I will also learn how to use Lean, Six Sigma, and Kurt Lewin’s change theory to improve systems and care delivery procedures in my organization.

By targeting the leadership area, I will learn more about various styles and how managers can customize them depending on the existing situations or targeted outcomes. I will also improve my communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and critical thinking abilities. These achievements will make it easier for me to achieve my objectives and transform the health outcomes of many people.


The above discussion has revealed that a DNP is essential for all NPs planning to practice independently and revolutionize patients’ health outcomes. I will consider various concepts, theories, and managerial styles that can make me successful. These areas will also support my goals: quality improvement, the acquisition of advanced nursing knowledge, and leadership. With such gains, it will be possible for me to address every patient’s changing health needs.

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