The National Budget Development

The problem of deficiency in relation to the national budget and financing the social spheres is typical for many countries. Therefore, the most controversial question is the choice between funding the social sphere and fighting the poverty in the country and improving the national defense. In spite of the fact politicians are inclined to accentuate the point that the national defense and orientation to the military forces as significant for increasing the country’s international status, poverty can become the real obstacle for the nation’s progress which affects the accomplishments in all the other spheres. The fight with the nation’s poverty should be more important for the development of the national budget because the budget consists of the public’s money in the form of taxes, the public interest is the key aspect of the state’s progress, the fight with poverty contributes to the economic stability, and the orientation to the social issues is advantageous for improving foreign relations.

The national budget depends on the effective organization of the taxes system. Thus, the national budget consists of the public’s money which should become the resources to improve the social sphere and fight poverty as one of the most controversial social issues. Furthermore, the citizens’ poverty is the cause for decreasing the resources used as the national budget. From this point, the level of poverty developed in the society and the number of taxes are the interdependent notions.

Moreover, a lot of societies traditionally orient to overcoming poverty with references to the government’s help that is why the fight with poverty is in the sphere of the public interest. The fact is important because the public interest reflects the social reality objectively. In addition, if poverty is the problem which is close to many citizens, it forms the aspects of the public interest. As a result, the government should choose the fight with poverty to satisfy the public’s needs.

The issue of poverty is the key obstacle for establishing the situation of the economic stability in the country. That is why, the government should organize the development of the national budget accentuating the fight with poverty as the main priority to meet the interests’ of different social groups. Besides, the country’s leaders use the national budget to control the country’s economy and to contribute to the nation’s progress. Thus, the process of overcoming poverty is the first step to the progress.

Finally, the orientation to such social issues as poverty is advantageous for improving foreign relations in contrast to improving the national defense with references to the intensive militarization. In other words, the accents on military forces cannot provide the improvement of the state’s international status and peaceful relations. On the contrary, the decrease of funding the military forces and the use of these resources to fight poverty can support the state’s positive image internationally. Moreover, this strategy leads to developing productive foreign relations.

Even when the nation has the enough resources for funding all the spheres significant for the country’s successful development, the government can face the problem of the funds’ reasonable distribution between different sectors. The discussion of the national budget as the mirror of the government and nation’s priorities is important to observe the tendencies to fight poverty in the society and contribute to the public’s progress or to struggle with the other countries with references to the improved national defense. What is more important, the public welfare or war?

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