Why More and More Students Are Taking Online Classes?

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In the recent days, online learning has acquired a lot of popularity in many countries. Online enrollment is convenient to most students, and many people opt to apply this strategy. The popularity of online learning dates back in the advent of the computer era and with advancement in information technology. Online education has been strengthened by establishing various programs which match the needs of many students. Online learning can be defined as the process of acquiring knowledge through the use computer instead of having an instructor’s presence (Haley & Heise, 2008).

Advantages of online learning

The courses on online learning range from undergraduate and post graduate programs. The fields of study in online learning include education, health care, information technology and business administration. There are numerous reasons why many people prefer online education. The class room learning is losing meaning and many students are opting to use online learning because it has many advantages. The first source of attraction to online learning is the existence of a variety of degree programs. A student in the normal classroom is restricted to limited options based on the fact that the size of the classroom and resources to be shared are always considered. Since online learning can happen anywhere without the classroom requirements, many students find it convenient. Choosing from a wide range of options that are available makes it accommodative to all students (Haley & Heise, 2008).

Secondly, online learning is economic friendly because the issue of tuition is eliminated. Costs related to support classroom activities and commuting from home to school are not applicable in the online environment because students can take lessons from home. Materials required in completing assignments can be accessed online, and a student is not required to buy textbooks. Students can access a variety of materials which are downloaded from internet (Haley & Heise, 2008).

Thirdly, students are not required to attend classes, and the materials that are used are sent to students electronically. The assignments completed are also sent electronically. The main advantage of not attending classrooms is that working students save time. They create flexible schedules, and this causes the daily routines easy to accomplish (Haley & Heise, 2008).

Fourth, students have the freedom to choose the convenient hours to study. It means that the students interested in learning during the night or morning hours, they are free. In the setting of classroom education, students are not free to choose the favorite study times. The convenient hour’s consideration increases the students’ understanding capacity because they have a chance to enjoy the study (Haley & Heise, 2008).

Fifth, students create a balance between the job and class work. Enrolling for an online learning does not require stopping work. Students work during the day and study at night. The balance between the two is created, and students accomplish the learning assignments in the evening. Online classes are easy because the same instructions in norm al classrooms are offered, but there is no commuting or unnecessary exhaustion (Haley & Heise, 2008).

Fifth, the issue of encountering snowstorms and thunderstorms while attending classes is addressed. However, online learning allows students to enjoy the learning under the comfort of their rooms. Hence, students do not worry about cancelled classes and uncompleted assignments (Haley& Heise, 2008).


Online learning has more advantages than disadvantages. Students can develop flexible programs when using online learning. Students can learn comfortably, and they have many career choices. Therefore, students in the modern world, should accept online learning because it has many benefits.


Haley, K. L., & Heise, K. (2008). Building the successful online course. Charlotte: IAP.

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